Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Fun Day!

Hi Everyone!!! The Hoo Are You? post was meant for my todays post but since I posted it last night I just couldn't resist to not post today!!!! Did that all make sense????

Well today is another SNOW DAY!!! We are going a little stir crazy...but we found a few fun things to do here in the house! As I was messing around out there in the blog world I came across The Pampered Mom. She did a post on Snow Icecream and since we have over a foot of snow I thought, perfect fun for me and the kiddos! Click HERE for her blog!

Here is the recipe if you are interested...

Snow Ice Cream:
- Gather a large bowl of snow
- Pour in 1 cup of sugar
- a teaspoon of vanilla
- and heavy whipping cream to taste/consistency

mix together and enjoy.

My girls had a blast helping me make it!

And Cooper had a blast helping us eat it! (He was too busy playing video games while we were making it!)

NOTE: If you look close at the pool table my husband has not kept it clean after I worked so hard! And look close at the dining room table...I find those darn nerf darts everywhere...yes I mean absolutely everywhere!!!!!

The girls and I also took pictures for their Valentine's. We are going to attempt the ones that Cheri made at I am Momma Hear Me Roar!!! Click HERE to check them out! If you are not a follower you should be, she is awesome!

And last but not least... We did not get to do the Wake-Up Wednesday. We have not been out and about much with this weather but I promise we will catch up and do them all!!! This weeks challenge is do something for a public service worker. You can make cookies or hot chocolate for the ones in the cold. Or you can write a thank you letter to the firemen or postman! Please let me know what you do!


  1. Looks like they are really enjoying the ice cream! And I know what you mean about the Nerf darts, I have them everywhere!!

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  3. Stopping by on the blog hop, I'm a new follower. The snowy dessert sounds yummy! If we have another snow day tomorrow I'm gathering a long list of great ideas from everyone's blogs today, lol

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