Monday, January 31, 2011

It is YOUR day!

I absolutely love making lil ones their birthday outfits!!! I love being creative and making them one of a kind!!!

Your birthday is your day, it is a day that should be all about you! Your birthday outfit should stand out from all your guests and you should be in the spotlight!! This is what I hope to achieve with these precious outfits I make.

I was asked by a special customer if I could make her little girl a rhinestone cowgirl outfit. I decided to make a cowgirl boot applique and inside the star on the boot I put a rhinestone J for Joiey. Joiey will be 1 in April!!! Happy Birthday sweet one!

I was asked by not only a customer but a lady I have become great friends with to make her niece a special 2nd birthday outfit. She requested pink and black with rhinestones. I decided to make a fun funky 2 out of black rhinestones and I also put these on the bow. The tutu is pink and black. This little girl will be 2 very very soon! Happy Birthday!!!

And last but not least, I made a very special 3rd birthday outfit!!! I absolutely love how this outfit turned out!!! The birthday girl looked sooo cute in this outfit!!!

I have a couple more outfits in the works and can't wait until I can share them with everyone!!! I love making these outfits and love making little ones feel special!!

Thank you everyone for following me!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Awesome Fabric Flowers!

I was inspired AGAIN!!! This time I was inspired by Little Miss Momma's blog!!! I found this tutorial and used it to learn how to make my fabric flowers! Click HERE if you want to learn! I absolutely am in love with these flowers and could sit and make them all day long!!!

These flowers can be made for all ages and look great on anybody!

Here is a red and white puff fabric flower that I made. I made this flower with Valentines Day in mind! I made my oldest daughter (8 years old) an XOXO applique shirt and this will go great in her hair with the shirt!

And here is a Black Fabric Puff on a velvet ruffle headband. This headband is gorgeous and I can't wait to get a picture of it on a little baby's head!

I will keep the blog updated with all my new Fabric Puff Flowers!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Inspired AGAIN!!!!

Thank you so much to Moda Bakeshop for inspiring me to make this grocery bag dispenser. Cick HERE to see hers and a tutorial that will help you make your own!

This also brought back such great childhood memories of my grandparents because my grandma is the only person I knew that had one of these!!!

I use these grocery sacks all the time and before I had this wonderful item I had to go into the basement where we stored them away. Now it is so easy!!!

My plan is to make a few people I know these as gifts!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Featured Friday!!!!

I am sooo way excited again today!!!! I am featured on Thanks, Mail Carrier!!!! I have had such wonderful opportunities these last couple days and hope this continues!

I want to welcome all my new followers and tell you thank you for following and I hope that you become a dedicated reader! I always try to switch it up and make my blog fun so you will want to come back for more!!!

Check out Thanks, Mail Carrier and tell her I sent you!


And you know me, I can't blog and not post a picture!!!! Since I post my girls sooo often I am posting a goofy picture of my son, Cooper! We were at bass pro and him and my husband tried these hats on! (I will save you the pain of looking at my husband in it, it's pretty shocking!!!!!!!)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today is a great day!!!

I am sooo happy to say, my etsy shop is featured on Wildflowers and Whimsy. This is one of my favorite blogs and I follow it everyday! You should too!!! She has featured some of my absolute favorite items in my store and I am doing a giveaway on there!!! This is so exciting!!!

And to make this day even more exciting, I am featured on Craft Goodies. Again this is another favorite blog of mine and follow it daily as well!!!

These ladies are so great and I thank them sooo much for featuring me and helping get my blog out there! My blog has been so much fun to keep updated and it has truely helped me in my every day life. It has given me something that motivates me daily and has helped keep a schedule here at home. It also keeps me creative and has brought out even more creativity in me! And last but not least I have met some amazing women!!!

I can not leave you all without posting something that I have made and love!!!
This tutu and large flower is bright and colorful! It would be perfect for that professional photo session you have coming up or the birthday party!!!

Needed to add this to my post!!!! I am the 100th follower at SAHM and Marine Wife! She is so aweet and I am so glad I could help her out and reach 100!!!!

Thank you to Wendy and April!!! And thank you to all of my followers and daily readers!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10 Things You Might Not Have Known!

Hi Everyone!!!!! To start off, today is Wake-Up Wednesday and last week the challenge was to write a note to someone that inspires you. I wrote one to my mommy!! I have not had a chance to give her it yet but can't wait! I will update everyone when she gets it!!!

The weeks challenge is to visit someone elderly! You can visit a neighbor, family member, or even go to a nursing home. Make someones day a little brighter!!!

Let me know how your wake-up wednesdays are going!!!

OK Now on to the 10 things you might not know about me!!!!

#10 I just turned 30 years old on January 21st!

#9 Christmas is my favorite holiday!!!! I love to see my kids happy!

#8 I love the way black and white pictures look! And love taking pictures!

#7 Rollercoaters are one of my absolutely favorite things to do!!!

#6 I hate being cold, and even though the snow is beautiful, I do not like it!
OK but look how cute our new puppy looks in the snow!

#5 I have been married for 3 1/2 years. It will be 4 years on June 16, 2011!!! I love my husband very much!

#4 We would love one more baby!!! Maybe one day soon I will have news for everyone...

#3 I love the smell of pine sol and I love it sooo much that sometimes I just put water and pine sol in the sink for it to make my house smell sooo good!!!

#2 A weakness of mine is chocolate chip cookies and milk!

#1 I DVR and watch Teen Mom religiously!!! Before Teen Mom it was The Hills!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cleaning and Organizing Day!

Well today started off with a goal of cleaning and decluttering some of those spots I just never get to. I have wanted to throw away stuff and make those spots look better for a while but just havent gotten around to it.

Here is a before of the buffet table in the dining room. It usually gets kids school papers thrown on it and coupons, after I go through the paper.

And here is the after!!! Much better!!!

The next project was to clean off was the kitchen island. It is the worst clutter spot in my whole house (ok, other than the first landing of the stairs, it always gets stuff thrown on it that needs to be carried upstairs). I wanted to throw stuff away and go through my black bill basket thing.

I accomplished it!!!! Look so nice now!

The next spot was my husbands area!!! I had asked him to clean it but if you want something done and done right you just have to do it yourself. His pool table always just gets everything thrown on it. (his work clothes and his work supplies)and it was dirty and covered in spices from his beef jerky making...

And here is the after!!! now he needs to make sure all the balls are there and put the side panel back on!

And last but needed it the most is his bar/beef jerky area!!! It had spices all over the place and needed dusted sooo bad! I scrubbed and scrubbed!!!

Now it looks a ton better!!! I am sooo glad this is done!!!! And I hope he appreciates it!!

I hope this makes you want to get up and clean!!! I know I always get inspired by others projects and clean houses!!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm A Blingin Fool!

One of my favorite things to do is make kiddos birthday outfits!!! (you can see other examples in older posts) I usually make them with the number that the child is turning. Well I had a request to make a little girl a rhinestone cowgirl outfit! I had a ton of fun making this one!!! Today I am going to show you the onesie only but will post a picture of the full outfit very soon!!!

Here is the finished onesie with the cowgirl boot and personalized rhinestone J!!!

the pictures just aren't doing this applique justice but I got a good one of the bling upclose!

And one more picture!!!!
I hope you enjoyed this appliqued onesie, I know I had fun making it and think it turned out fabulous!!!

If you have any question please free to comment and I will answer them! Thank you! brooke

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Family Member!

Well today we did a whole lot of nothing! But we did get a new family member! We got a new puppy. She is a blue (gray really but blue is what they call the color) neopolitan mastiff. She is very sweet and we love her already. I am sooo excited that this time with this puppy, I will be home and can take care of her.

We have two other neopolitan mastiffs but they are outside dogs. They have the whole backyard, their own room in the garage, and a kennel area with two dog houses, so they have a good outside life! When my husband and I were both working full time jobs we had to put them outside so our house wasn't destroyed. Well now they are too used to it and have to stay out there but they still get love!!!

The new puppy doesn't have a name yet. We are waiting on the older kids to come home so they can help. We are leaning towards LAYLA... I will update everyone tomorrow on her name!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 3 of ME!!!

Hi everyone!!! I didn't get to post my week 3 of 52 weeks yesterday because I wanted to share Bella and I's crayon fun! Well this has been a huge hit at our house! My older kids came home from school and begged me all evening and all day today to let me make their own crayon. They chose their colors and peeled their crayons all by themselves (I could not peel another crayon!!!). It was such a good time. They were so excited for their crayons! We will be doing this again but with some different shapes and molds! Stay Tuned!

OK so week 3 of me... Friday was my birthday but I really don't think I have got much ME time this week. I still did my workout 4 days out of 5 (darn snow day got me) and today I had about 31 minutes, to be exact, to play DANCE CENTRAL, all by myself!!!! Yes you heard that correctly, just me. I didn't have kids begging me to let them play, or laughing at me, or staring at me...I felt so goofy but loved every minute of it!!!

I just cannot have a post without a picture so here is one of ME!!! Maybe it will help make this feel a little more personal!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Chunky Crayon Fun!

Hi everyone! Sorry I did not get around to posting yesterday! I was very busy with so many things! I finished my husbands resume and wrote his cover letter (We are not sure if he is taking over the family company or not so we wanted to have this done just in case!) I read a lot on couponing, on different blogs. (but I still don't know enough, any help is soooo appreciated!) I worked on bows and getting orders ready to ship out. (I haven't been out of the house to get to the post office, so i hope to do that today!) Then I tried to keep the house clean, the kids in order, and I fixed dinner. (I am not the one that cooks, that is my husbands job! but he worked late so I did it....)

OK enough of my day yesterday! Today is a NEW DAY!

Today Bella and I are going to make big colorful chunky round crayons!

OK the very first step is to find all your broken crayons and peel the paper off, this is the not so fun took me a lot longer than I expected and by the end I was soooo tired of peeling paper!!!

ok now the first fun step, spray or coat the cupcake tin with vegteable oil. Now you can start sorting the crayons by colors (this will be a great preschool learning activity for her and a lot of fun!) We will be sorting them into cupcake tins.

Now you can place the cupcake tin full of crayons into a the oven. It needs to be preheated at 275 degrees F. Bake them for about 7-8 minutes but watch them because they will melt fast. When they looked melted enough, carefully and slowly remove them from the oven. You can stir them with a toothpick for a swirly look, or leave them as is. Let them cool completely (can be placed in the freezer to speed up process once the tin is not so hot.)

You can use mini cupcake tin or large, we used both!
There are other methods and things you can do to make these chunky crayons even more fun! Check out this link and see what all she has suggested! Click HERE!

Here is Bella having some crayon fun with her new homemade CHUNKY CRAYONS!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wake-Up Wednesdays

Since Wake-Up Wednesday is a about doing kind gestures and making someone elses day better than it was I would like to start off with Thanking my husband for everything that he has done for me and our family the past 4 1/2 years. He is amazing and I could not ask for better. (I know he won't be reading this but its ok!) I LOVE YOU HONEY!

This challenge started last week and there has been two challenges so far. The first week was make something and give it to someone you don't know very well. Well, I didnt do good on this challenge. I did do a good deed for someone that was in need so that was my wake-up wednesday.

This week we were suppose to give others compliments. I tried to do this more than I would have any other days and it went pretty good. I didn't have anyone get super excited but I think that I did make a few people a little more happy than they were before the compliment.

OK, this week the challenge is to write a letter to someone that has touched you, inspired you, or helped make you who you are today. I will be writing a letter to my mother. Not only did she do such a great job raising me but she has helped me as an adult more than I could have ever imagined. Her and my step dad have done so much for me and my family and it was stuff that they did not ever have to do. I know she will be so happy to get this note but I also think she will think I am a little crazy cause I am not a sappy sappy person.

I will let you all know how this goes and would love to hear about anyone else joining in on Wake-Up Wednesdays!

Wake-Up Wednesdays
This is a great idea from a fellow blogger at I am Momma - Hear Me Roar. Her blog is one of my absolute favorites and you will see that I link back to her blog a lot when trying new craft ideas! I could sit around and read her blog for hours, o wait I have!!!

Ok so here is what will happen on Wake Up Wednesdays. She will post a service idea/suggestion on her page and then you have the week to complete that. I will be posting about my experience and what we did here on my page and I will also comment about it on her page.

This is not bragging about the good things we did but to show people that we not need to only think about ourselves but others also. It will inspire us and I hope to inspire others to do good deads also!!!

Check back on Wednesday to see our first service idea and how we will complete it and make somebodys day a little brighter!

HUGS, The Douglass Family

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A treasure around your neck!

I absolutely love making these photo necklaces for people. To me they are a special treasure around one's neck. Any picture can be made into a necklace. I had a lady contact me to ask if I could make her little girl's one of their daddy. Their daddy will be getting deployed and she thought her girls would love having their daddy around their neck too remind them off him. I think this is precious and makes me proud that I can touch lives with these. These make great gifts too, my mom has many different ones of her grandchildren and love wearing them! I love wearing my kids and family around my neck!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Project!

I recieved my new American Girl doll headbands in the mail this weekend! I knew that tons of little girls would love to have a headband for themselves and a matching headband for their favorite doll! These headbands can be made in any colors and bows can be added to them!!!
Here is the first attempt at the matching headbands!

They turned out sooooo cute and every little girl would love to have a set!!! My girls love them!

If you have any questions on how to make them please leave a comment! Thank you, Brooke

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Third Birthdays Are A Blast!

I wanted to share another applique shirt idea that I did! My youngest child (Bella) just had her third birthday and when I would ask her what kind of birthday she wanted her response, everytime, would be "PURPLE!!!" So we did a purple birthday cake and I made her a purple outfit!!! I think it turned out perfect!!

Here is a picture of her birthday cake we made. It was our first attempt at fondant icing. I will try another cake like this for my daughters 9th birthday in July!!!

Here is Bella's purple third birthday outfit!!!

My best friend's little girl just had her third birthday too. She wanted me to make her a number 3 shirt and pigtail bows. This was very last minute so she just went home and found a t-shirt that I could applique on and then I found some fabric and ribbon that would be perfect for it! Here is what I came up with!

If you have any questions on my applique shirts or the cake I would be happy to answer them!!! Thank you for reading and following!! Brooke
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