Sunday, January 16, 2011

Third Birthdays Are A Blast!

I wanted to share another applique shirt idea that I did! My youngest child (Bella) just had her third birthday and when I would ask her what kind of birthday she wanted her response, everytime, would be "PURPLE!!!" So we did a purple birthday cake and I made her a purple outfit!!! I think it turned out perfect!!

Here is a picture of her birthday cake we made. It was our first attempt at fondant icing. I will try another cake like this for my daughters 9th birthday in July!!!

Here is Bella's purple third birthday outfit!!!

My best friend's little girl just had her third birthday too. She wanted me to make her a number 3 shirt and pigtail bows. This was very last minute so she just went home and found a t-shirt that I could applique on and then I found some fabric and ribbon that would be perfect for it! Here is what I came up with!

If you have any questions on my applique shirts or the cake I would be happy to answer them!!! Thank you for reading and following!! Brooke
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