Thursday, February 10, 2011

Catch up on life!

Well today I am having to take a break from blogging and the computer in general. I need to catch up on life! I have a house that not only needs picked up but needs some deep cleaning! I have done a few things but I have to get to it and get it done! I have 3 hours before my older two need to be picked up from school.

I also have 4 tutus, an applique shirt, and a few bows to complete before the end of the day!

I hope to be very productive after I retire the computer for the day... I will update you on tomorrows blog if I was successful!

I have two pictures I want to share with you today!!!

Here is what I would like to be doing!!!! My youngest taking a snooze!

Here is an updates picture of the puppy. Since she is a neopolitian mastiff she grows very fast and will be very big. Right now she is about 10 weeks old and weights about 23 pounds! So cute though!