Friday, January 21, 2011

Chunky Crayon Fun!

Hi everyone! Sorry I did not get around to posting yesterday! I was very busy with so many things! I finished my husbands resume and wrote his cover letter (We are not sure if he is taking over the family company or not so we wanted to have this done just in case!) I read a lot on couponing, on different blogs. (but I still don't know enough, any help is soooo appreciated!) I worked on bows and getting orders ready to ship out. (I haven't been out of the house to get to the post office, so i hope to do that today!) Then I tried to keep the house clean, the kids in order, and I fixed dinner. (I am not the one that cooks, that is my husbands job! but he worked late so I did it....)

OK enough of my day yesterday! Today is a NEW DAY!

Today Bella and I are going to make big colorful chunky round crayons!

OK the very first step is to find all your broken crayons and peel the paper off, this is the not so fun took me a lot longer than I expected and by the end I was soooo tired of peeling paper!!!

ok now the first fun step, spray or coat the cupcake tin with vegteable oil. Now you can start sorting the crayons by colors (this will be a great preschool learning activity for her and a lot of fun!) We will be sorting them into cupcake tins.

Now you can place the cupcake tin full of crayons into a the oven. It needs to be preheated at 275 degrees F. Bake them for about 7-8 minutes but watch them because they will melt fast. When they looked melted enough, carefully and slowly remove them from the oven. You can stir them with a toothpick for a swirly look, or leave them as is. Let them cool completely (can be placed in the freezer to speed up process once the tin is not so hot.)

You can use mini cupcake tin or large, we used both!
There are other methods and things you can do to make these chunky crayons even more fun! Check out this link and see what all she has suggested! Click HERE!

Here is Bella having some crayon fun with her new homemade CHUNKY CRAYONS!!!