Monday, February 7, 2011

Mommy Moments!

Hi all my faithful dedicated followers!!! It is Monday but we will make it through it. Lets all pull together, breathe, and help each other!

I am linking up to a linky party. This is a little different than the ones I usually link up to. This party is to discuss some of our Mommy Moments, even those less than stellar mommy moments! Check out the linky and follow these lovely ladies!

O man do I have a ton of these!!! Come on, you know you do too!!!!
I am going to blog about 5 that come to mind!!! I would love to hear that I am not the only one and what 5 of your mommy moments are!

#1 I am the worst to follow through with my threats or ANYTHING I tell my kids. I am going to go ahead and blame this on my mom!!!! I totally remember as a kid she would tell me, "Go clean your room, if it's not clean you don't go anywhere." uh huh yeah right! I still went and she usually cleaned it! This leads me to #2

#2 I always pick up and clean my kids rooms. I want it done a certain way and done right. I am pretty pickey about where toys go and how clothes are put away and hung up. I would rather just do it and it be done good!!!!

#3 I CANNOT get my 3 year old out of our bed. Another fault of my following through. I know I just need to put her in her bed and make her cry it out until we master it but this is sooooo hard... Any tips would be great!!!

#4 My kids are addicted to Candy! I have a candu bowl on the island in the kitchen and they love this. I need to resrict it more and use it more as a positive reinforcement...Ok I will start doing this and let you knwo how it goes. I guess this means the bench have to go so they cant climb and reach the bowl!!

#5 Today was Coopers 100th Day of School. Because of the snow days and then he was sick we slacked off and it crept up on us. His project was due today...well MOM did it for him. I feel so bad cause he should have done it on his own but I wanted him to have something. I have to say so myslef though, It was cool. It was a house made out of 100 pennies. Pics to come!

OK spill it ladies!!!!!

I never leave you without pictures! Here are the three reasons I have mommy moments!

8 year old Lauren~ She can be sooo sweet and helpful! She is creative and is just like me (uh oh!!!)

6 Year old Cooper~ He is a handful but he always seems to make me laugh! he says the darndest things. He is very loving and has such a love hate relationship with his two sisters!

3 year old Izabella (Bella)~ She is a pistol. She does things her way and no other way. She is always telling us how much she loves us though!