Monday, January 31, 2011

It is YOUR day!

I absolutely love making lil ones their birthday outfits!!! I love being creative and making them one of a kind!!!

Your birthday is your day, it is a day that should be all about you! Your birthday outfit should stand out from all your guests and you should be in the spotlight!! This is what I hope to achieve with these precious outfits I make.

I was asked by a special customer if I could make her little girl a rhinestone cowgirl outfit. I decided to make a cowgirl boot applique and inside the star on the boot I put a rhinestone J for Joiey. Joiey will be 1 in April!!! Happy Birthday sweet one!

I was asked by not only a customer but a lady I have become great friends with to make her niece a special 2nd birthday outfit. She requested pink and black with rhinestones. I decided to make a fun funky 2 out of black rhinestones and I also put these on the bow. The tutu is pink and black. This little girl will be 2 very very soon! Happy Birthday!!!

And last but not least, I made a very special 3rd birthday outfit!!! I absolutely love how this outfit turned out!!! The birthday girl looked sooo cute in this outfit!!!

I have a couple more outfits in the works and can't wait until I can share them with everyone!!! I love making these outfits and love making little ones feel special!!

Thank you everyone for following me!