Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wake-Up Wednesdays

Since Wake-Up Wednesday is a about doing kind gestures and making someone elses day better than it was I would like to start off with Thanking my husband for everything that he has done for me and our family the past 4 1/2 years. He is amazing and I could not ask for better. (I know he won't be reading this but its ok!) I LOVE YOU HONEY!

This challenge started last week and there has been two challenges so far. The first week was make something and give it to someone you don't know very well. Well, I didnt do good on this challenge. I did do a good deed for someone that was in need so that was my wake-up wednesday.

This week we were suppose to give others compliments. I tried to do this more than I would have any other days and it went pretty good. I didn't have anyone get super excited but I think that I did make a few people a little more happy than they were before the compliment.

OK, this week the challenge is to write a letter to someone that has touched you, inspired you, or helped make you who you are today. I will be writing a letter to my mother. Not only did she do such a great job raising me but she has helped me as an adult more than I could have ever imagined. Her and my step dad have done so much for me and my family and it was stuff that they did not ever have to do. I know she will be so happy to get this note but I also think she will think I am a little crazy cause I am not a sappy sappy person.

I will let you all know how this goes and would love to hear about anyone else joining in on Wake-Up Wednesdays!

Wake-Up Wednesdays
This is a great idea from a fellow blogger at I am Momma - Hear Me Roar. Her blog is one of my absolute favorites and you will see that I link back to her blog a lot when trying new craft ideas! I could sit around and read her blog for hours, o wait I have!!!

Ok so here is what will happen on Wake Up Wednesdays. She will post a service idea/suggestion on her page and then you have the week to complete that. I will be posting about my experience and what we did here on my page and I will also comment about it on her page.

This is not bragging about the good things we did but to show people that we not need to only think about ourselves but others also. It will inspire us and I hope to inspire others to do good deads also!!!

Check back on Wednesday to see our first service idea and how we will complete it and make somebodys day a little brighter!

HUGS, The Douglass Family


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