Thursday, March 10, 2011

Xyngular Review

I want to start by thanking Laci Friend!!! She contacted me to try and review her products! She has been fabulous with getting me all the information I need and keeping in contact the whole time. Here is her contact information so you can get started on this program!:

Laci Friend
Facebook link: Click HERE

I am going to start off by giving a little bit of basic information about xyngular. There are 6 products, xyng global fruit juice, xyng, lean shake, accelerate, cheat, and flush. The whole package together is called ignite. This is an 8 day program but you can continue to maintain through 8 weeks or you can do the 8 days again (depending on how much weight you have or want to lose).
Here is what Laci said about the ignite program, "When someone orders the ignite package.......they get 30 days worth of the global blend juice, xyng, and lean shake.....they get 60 days worth of cheat, accelerate and flush. When the package arrives someone can just add those to their current lifestyle or choose to kickstart the program with the 8 day eating plan. So we chose the 8 day eating plan and followed eat 5-6 times a day and do not get hungry...when our 8 days was over, we went back to eating "normal", watched our calories, and finished out those products (that last 30 and 60 days)....then when we ran out, we just ordered xyng and cheat...most people maintain on 1-3 products....depending on what they like. when ordering ignite, it is about $8/day...but you would spend that on 3 meals anyway, or one meal out to eat, so it is really affordable. If someone does not want to commit to the ignite package, they can order any single product or make up their own combonation of products they want to try!"

You can also listen to this and get more information!
This is an amazing recorded call to listen to: 916-233-3990 Pin: 37240#

Here are pictures of Laci and her husband!
The first pic in the collages is the before pic, the second pic is after the 8 days of ignite, and the last pic is after the 8 weeks of maintaining!

Now I would like to share our experience from XYNGULAR! My husband was the one to review the products, I will fill everyone in on why later!
He had small samples of each product (except the juice but that is hard to get a sample of and mail it!) The small samples make it hard to get the full effect but we under stand that is how Laci needs to do it or all her products would be gone and that would be expensive for her to give all her stuff away!!!

My husband really liked the Xyng!! It gave him extra energy and the one part about it that he would like to get the full effect of is helping him sleep. We will probably by this product to see if it will help him sleep better (MUCH healthier than prescription sleeping pills)

The cheat is a very awesome product!!!! It is the first food sprinkle! It is tasteless and effective. It has been clinically proven to reduce weight and eliminate 25% of calories eaten! It is also FDA approved!

The Lean Shake was pretty good!
LEAN is a breakthrough power amino acid and protein
vanilla smoothie formulated to:
• Satisfy appetite
• Reduce food cravings
• Support fat metabolism
• Increase sustained energy
• Use as a meal replacement

The Flush my husband has not used yet. He wanted to wait until he starts the diet, so it doesn't just get wasted. It sounds awesome and we are both excited about doing the ignite program but it will be a little while before we do this.
FLUSH is a gentle organic, highly effective daily colon cleanse
formulated to:
• Decrease bloating to create a flatter stomach*
• Boost fat burning*
• Support weight loss*
• Improve digestion*
• Remove pollutants and toxins*
• Improve absorption of supplements*
• Restore energy*

I totally recommend these products to everyone and I can't wait to do the ignite program with my husband sometime in the near future!

Here is a little more from Laci! " I am looking for people everywhere in the US and abroad that would like to make a substantial secondary easy. someone can start a biz with 20.00$ and a product order. They refer people to their own free website and then when people purchase products, they get a referral check. In a down economy, the weight loss and energy industry has seen substantial increase...and it is so natural...everyone is looking for more energy or a healthy way to lose weight and keep it off...when you have success with the products and feel amazing you will be excited to share how your friends and family can do it too.....people ask us all the time, what are you doing? I have made $2000.00 in just 2 months! the company is only 15 months old and in 36 countries and debt free! It is incredible...has been great for me as a stay at home mom! "


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