Friday, February 11, 2011

Week #6 of ME!!!

OMG I have completely missed WEEK #4 and #5.... That means I have not had much me time and I can totally tell I need it. But I had a great WEEK #6 of ME!!!

I got to go to my first MOPS (mothers of Preschool students) meeting! I have been wanting to go to these meetings for a while now and something always comes up, sick kids, snow days, completely forgetting, etc... I am so happy to be connecting with other mothers and learning some valuable information.

The meetings topic was communication. Here are the few things that I took away from the meeting:

#1 Communication is a must in your relationship (but also in life in general)

#2 Every night at dinner you should communicate with your spouse and children. You should find out what they did that day and very importantly you should find out how they felt. (Did they have an arguement with a friend and if so how did they fill?...Did they work very very hard and if so how do they feel?...etc...)

#3 Throughout the week you should appreciate your spouse and tell them what all you appreciate them for.

#4 But also each of you should ask, once a week, What can I do to be a better wife/husband? And then you need to work on that. Only find one weakness once a week, don't over do it.

I have been trying to be a better wife. I hate cooking but my husband got a new job and it has been great but also a little stressful so I have been trying to have dinner ready a couple times this week. I have also been trying to communicate more, really just talk more instead of just sitting on the computer or watching tv while he cooks or whatever he does in the evening.

I loved this meeting and I am really looking forward to this coming Tuesday for the next meeting!


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  2. I might use some of that advice. Keeping your relationship strong is difficult sometimes. But as far as cooking goes, you should try using a crock pot and buying a recipe book. It makes it easier. We use our crock pot on Wednesdays since we're at church late, we can just come home and eat.
    Love you cousin!

  3. I used to go to MOPS when I had preschoolers (they are teenagers now....they need a MOTA....hmmm). I loved going when I could! You shared great tips, too!!!

  4. Sounds like a fun group. I could totally use something like that. Maybe i'll look around my neck of the woods and see if we have anything like that. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Love the blog.

    i'm your newest follower.

  5. Sounds like great advice. Your blog is great and your kiddos are absolutely adorable. Now following you from the Friday blog hop. Hope you'll come follow me

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  7. I love all the ideas! I would love for my husband to try a few of these. I cook I would love 1 night for him to take the lead with the meals.

    Great insight my dear...have a lovely weekend.


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  9. Good for you for taking the time; you do need more you time. :) I'm popping by to follow you back.