Friday, January 7, 2011

Week #1 of ME!

Well I know this seems hard to believe but I actually have two "ME" times to share for this week!!! I have been finding about 30 minutes for the last couple days to do my Biggest Loser Workout on the XBOX 360 Kinect!!! I love this thing. It is sooooo amazing. My kiddos absolutely love Dance Central and I can say it is super fun for me too!!! I might just secretly dance dance dance, even when the kids aren't here!!! I am sure there is somewhere that does this, but it would be a super fun bar thing, kind of like Karaoke. (But me find time or energy to go to a bar would be like winning the lottery, not happening!) So my workout time has been nice and I plan on keeping this "ME" time going for a while. I want to also thank my husband cause last night he made the kids go in the dining room with him so I had the tv and XBOX all to myself for my workout! If not, they are behind me moving and dancing around in the camera!!

Ok for the next "ME" time! My husband rented a movie from REDBOX the other day (he rented this one with me in mind, it was a chick flick!) and we have not had a night where the kids got to bed and we had time to sit down and watch it. Well I told him last night that I wanted us to watch it. Guess what? IT HAPPENED!!! GOING THE DISTANCE is a great and laugh out loud movie. My husband even enjoyed it! If I can make it through a night movie, that means it has to be good because I am usually out!!!

Well I had a great time trying to find "ME" time and look forward to more of it!!!
Comment here about what you got to do for yourself this past week.

HUGS, Brooke

and I can't leave out a picture of my youngest!!! Her sister has this white seal that makes noise and stuff and she found it today and absolutely loves it (great how will I break the news to her older sister?!!) Well Bella wanted me to take a picture of her and the baby seal!


  1. That sounds like fun! I'm glad you had such a great time taking care of you. :)

  2. We love the dance game. Have fun!

  3. Thank you everyone!!! I posted about week 2 today!!!! Brooke