Thursday, January 6, 2011

Try these two things!

Wake-up, wake-up kids, shower, cinnamon rolls baked, kids fed, Lauren out the door (Cooper stayed home, his eye is irratted), fix and ate my bagel, messaged and sent out all invoices from the Bella Buy, ran to friends house, post office, walmart trip, made lunch for kids, ate, fixed jello, fixed pudding, worked on a couple new projects, and now blogging!!!

I have been super busy all day long and I am just now getting a second to sit down and post. I hope everyone enjoys this post and gives inspiration for some creative ideas and projects!

I have two things in my blog today. I will be showing you directions to a fun and crafty bow holder. I will also show you how Lauren's hair turned out. I love Girly Do Hair styles. I really love doing the front braid and when I saw the bows made from hair, I thought "OOOO so much fun and soooo cute!!!" Lauren's hair is not quite long enough but it still worked!!! She really liked it and wore it to school!

Check out this fun bow holder!!!
Here are most of the items you will need for this project. You will also need scissors (to cut the ribbon),a lighter (to heat seal the ribbon ends) and a hot glue gun.

Now paint the wooden shape any color you want. (I chose white so it wouldn't be too busy and easily read.

Then you are going to paint your design on the wooden shape with paint pens. I chose my ribbon and that helped me choose what color paint pens I needed and the design I wanted to paint.

I now let that dry and while it's drying I heat sealed the ends of my ribbon. Just take a lighter and run it across all ends quickly.

Next I put a little bit of hot glue on the ends of the ribbon and fold it over. This gives a clean look to the end of your bow holder.

Once your painted design is dry then you can paint on your letters. I chose to write BOWS but you could write a name, initials, DIVA, PRINCESS, etc...

Now you are going to glue the long strands of ribbon to the bottom of the bow holder, the NOT folded over ends!

Next step is to glue anything you would like to the ends of the ribbon. I chose little poms!

Now glue you top ribbon on the top of the bow holder. This is what you will hang the holder with.

And TADA you are finished!!!!! What a great bow holder!!!!


  1. This is cute..I wished I had girls :(

    Fellow Blog Hopper:)