Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Summarize

Sundays are going to be about summarizing our week. I am very new to blogging but hope that within the next couple weeks I will figure out the very best way to have my blog setup. I have lots of things that I am wanting to learn and can not figure it out by googling it. I am hoping that I have a fellow blogger come to my rescue and be willing to answer my questions. If you would like to be that special friend to me I would be OOOO SOOOO GRATEFUL!!


This week was a great week at home with my kiddos. We played with so many new toys and my son in an XBOX addict! We might have to have a weekly XBOX Annonymous meeting!

I don't think we have got out of pajamas much this week and I am sure people that have come to my door have not thought I was the Next Top Super Model. I hope that this coming week I will be more productive and I am super excited about my blog!

Monday and Tuesday the kids are still out of school so I hope to find and do some fun projects with them! Watch daily for my posts, this will be lots of FUN!

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