Saturday, January 1, 2011

My first share of 2011!!

I have made many birthday outfits for many special lil people but this outfit was extra special. I want to give a shout out to lil "M", hugs and kisses!!!

I started this outfit with the color palette, pink, purple, black, and white! The items I needed to make it was tulle~ pink, purple, black and white (I use the 6 in. rolls of tulle), elastic (I use stretchrite 3/4 in from Wal-Mart ), ribbon (I used black with white polka dots satin ribbon 7/8 size), a white tank (this one is from Wal-Mart),Fabric spray paint (Simply Spray Tye Dye from Hobby Lobby), rubber bands (no more than 10),and hot glue, double prong alligator clip, needle and thread, and ribbon for the bow. And SCISSORS!

I wish I had step by step pictures to show of this project but I don't (I will next item I feature)

I start with the Tye dye tank. I just randomly tie rubber bands around parts of the tank and then spray the dye. I let the front dry, take the bands off, and move to the back. I feel this is really an idiot proof project! They have all turned out awesome, at least to me!

I made a small bow and attached it to a pin so it could be added to the tank or taken off.

The tutu, I get the waist measurement and cut elastic. I hand sew the elastic together for the tutu.
Then I sit down and cut my strips of tulle the length I want them for the correct length or tutu. This depends if you want a short, pixie tutu, or a long princess tutu. I went with a pixie style tutu.
Then I tied the tulle around the elastic (I will show my technique in pictures soon. Then after the tutu was done I cut small piece to alternate around the bottom of each piece of tulle. This creates the petti type tutu.
When completely done I wrap the waist of the tutu!!!

Then I make a hair bow to match the whole outfit and tada that completes it!!!

If I have followers that are interested in a more detailed instructions I will do this!!!

Thank you everyone!!!

Girl Boy Girl Inspired

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