Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tulle Puff Tutorial

Here is my tutorial post from yesterday. I have been trying so hard to keep up on my blog daily but it is hard. I love my blog though and will continue to try my best!!!

I learned how to do the fabric puff flowers from another blog, Little Miss Momma is where I learned!!! Click HERE for that link!

I wanted to put my spin on it, I am sure its been done before but I hadn't seen it!!! I had a request for a Abby Cadaby First Birthday outfit. I thought and thought and thought, "how can I make the hair puff match and resemble Abby Cadaby?"

Ding Ding Ding, puff clips but use the tulle I used from the tutu!!!

OK here is what you need to start with:
Tulle (the colors you want to make the puff with) and you need to cut many (hard for me to say how many, I cut a bunch and if I need more cut more when I run out) circles, about the size of a pop can but a little smaller.
Felt circles, I use a cordinating color. You will need two if you are making a headband or one if you are making a clip.
Hot Glue
Skinny Elastic or Alligator Clips
Here is a picture of the Tulle circles I cut (this is just a small amount of circles, probably need triple this many!

Here is a picture of the felt circles. I needed two cause I made pigtail puff clips.

OK Start with a felt circle and one tulle circle. You need to use both hands and crease it in the middle. THE PICTURES WILL HELP MORE, KIND OF HARD TO EXPLAIN!

Then turn in around and put hot glue on the bottom, cone part. Then put the first tulle piece in the middle of the felt circle. From there I just start alternating the tulle circle colors and hot gluing them side by side until the felt circle is full. You will have to hold the tulle on the felt circle for a few seconds till the hot glue dries or it will pull up and not stick.

Once you have all your tulle one it will look like this...!!!!

Sometime I trim up the outside edges if there are any pieces sticking out alot.
If you are making a clip you will need a partially lined alligator clip, if you are making a headband you will need the correct length of skinny elastic (IF YOU NEED THE SIZE MEASUREMENTS LET ME KNOW!)

Glue the alligator clip on or glue the skinny elastic on (make sure that it is not twisted) and then glue another felt circle over the skinny elastic.

And the final products!


  1. Oh my gosh! I have never seen it done with Tulle and think this would looks so cute as a gift with a tutu!

  2. Lovely! The colours you used are really cute <3

  3. Thank you so much!!! I love how the tulle turned out too! Brooke