Friday, January 14, 2011

Week #2 of ME!!!

Today was a crazy day and I am so sorry I am just getting to blog. I don't have any fun crafts or tutorials to share. The day flew by and I did not get much of anything accomplished. So today I want to share my second week of ME!
Tonight I am going out with a friend that I have lost touch with. We are going to dinner and a movie. I am way looking forward to chatting with her and hopefully getting our friendship back that we once had. I will tell you guys all about it this weekend!!!

I couldnt leave you without a couple pics!!!!
Here is Bella on the first day of preschool!!! She is so big and was so happy to go!!!

And here she is after we got home from pre school and she got into her sisters play make-up!!! She was loving her new look!!!

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