Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Scoop

Here on the Sunday Scoop I am going to share projects that we have going here in our home. I started our bedroom about a year ago and I am going to finish it now!!! When we bought this house it was covered with gold stuff, gold door knobs, gold ceiling fans, gold bathroom knobs, gold gold gold.... It also was covered in flowers, don't get me wrong I like flowers and floral prints but these were not nice (in my opinion!) The first picture I want to share is my hubby and daughter working together to tape off my middle stripe! (The top will be light blue and bottom will be navy blue, then the middle stripe is going to be brown!)

The next picture is our bed, ignore it I was stripping it to wash everything! There will be pictures of me and my husband on either side of the window.

OK now this picture is embarrassing!!! We have been using a box to put our DVD player on and other various items. When this project is finished there will be a mantle under the tv. This will hide the cords some and give me a spot to sit a few creative projects!! I think that the people that owned the house before us were smokers (I can't smell it but the fireplace isn't white, its like yellowish white...yuck!) I plan on repianting that and then getting some sort of shelf to sit the DVD player on and other items!

BEWARE!!! These pictures have the last remaining floral wallpaper. HIDEOUS! This is
a niche in the ceiling and I plan on painting where the floral paper is brown. The ceiling fan has already been replaced! I had to get rid of the gross gold one!

I can not wait till this project is finished and I can show it off!!! I have wanted my bedroom done forever ago! I also have some uppercase living that will be on the walls and I hope to complete some fun creative projects to add to the room too!

If you have any fun creative ideas for me I would absolutely love to hear and see them!!! If I use your ideas in my bedroom remodel I will link you and feature you on my blog!!! Thank you, Brooke


  1. cute! thanks for visiting my page. you are very talented- i have NO skills, LOL

  2. Thank you!!! Awww you got skills, everyone does. Maybe its just hiding insode you somewhere!!! Brooke