Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Funny but Great Post!!!

OK I will have to give you all the background for why I did this or it will seem completely ODD! Well we are a bit ODD but that is ok! We have a brown flannel sheet that I love in the winter! I don't have to get into a cold bed and it is comfy (I like the house warm, I don't like to be cold) Well my husband HATES the sheet, he complains when I wash sheets and put that one on the bed. He says he is sweating and never sleeps good. (He like it cold and we never have the heater above 67 degrees) We joked about cutting it in half and have one side his and one side hers. I finally took the plunge and did it!!! It turned out way better than I imagined and we will try it out tonight!!! HAHAHA It even goes great with our bedroom redo that is under construction right now (excuse the half painted walls, I am in the middle of painting but these SNOW DAYS have stopped that. I can't paint with three kids in the house!)

Check out the pics of my new and improved sheet!!!


  1. That is TOO funny!! My hubby and I have had separate blankies for YEARS!! HE likes to wad his up all around him so that he looks like a mangled crescent roll and I like mine all nice and straight!

    Thanks for your sweet comments on April and my blog swaps!! Make sure you check her's out on my page too!!


  2. LOVE IT! Chris is the same way, he always complains that it is too hot. And we don't even change sheets/comforters for the winter. He says I need to be prego again so I will be hot all the time. LOL!

  3. We already each had a comforter, one is just too hard to share! Now our sheet is half and half!!! My husband was so happy when we saw what I had done!