Monday, January 3, 2011

Fabulously Fun Project

I do not have an embrodiery machine yet and have been wanting another way to add names to shirts, well I found it!!! Freezer Paper Stenciling!!! I am not going to go into major details this time but you can check it out HERE. I am going to break it down some and show you my little add ons.

OK first step is get the freezer paper (I found it at Price Chopper), decide on a design you want (I decided a skater theme), then find a font you want and the size you want it (I use Da Fonts and play around with it), and then I freehanded a skateboard that I wanted to applique on the shirt!

Here are the pics of those steps!
This is what the Freezer Paper looks like~

Here is the font I chose, I thought it looked Skaterish!

And here is the skateboard that I freehanded. It only has one wheel shown cause you will use it to trace the second wheel too. I will go a little more in depth about this step since it is the step I added. I always freehand a item or print one out and then I cut it out. Then I trace it onto fusable webbing, cut it out, iron it on to the fabric that I want to use (TIP~ iron it on to the backside of the fabric or you will not have the vibrant nice side of the fabric for your applique), and then I iron on the cut out applique to the t-shirt. The last step is to sew around the applique.

I would recommend that you do the freezer paper stenciling first and let the fabric paint dry and then I would do the applique process. This will ensure that you have the right placement with the skateboard!
And here is the finished project!

Check out Cooper, he loves his new shirt!!!

Have fun crafting!!!


  1. Brooke, The shirt looks AWESOME!!! Great work! It sure looks like he loves it, too. Way to go!


  2. Oh man...freezer paper is SO addicting!

  3. Brooke, I love Cooper's shirt!

    You make it look so easy! I wish I could make super cute things for my girls! It's so hard to find exactly what you want - would be nice to be able to design it myself!

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